Rion's Reflections

These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Let Not Anger Rule Your World

Only the Creator of the Universe keeps a permanent record of your shortcomings. No one else is entitled to absolute knowledge of all your hows and whys. So be true unto yourself .. follow your own path and seek contentment.

The Creator gave you a gift of spirit hidden deep within your inner self. Hidden within this spirit are the tools you need to follow a path of destiny. In following this path, you will find contentment in your heart.

Do not let others rule your destiny for they may steer you in the wrong direction. Hold onto all thoughts bright and beautiful .. for there may come a day when you may need to draw on your reserves to maintain your sense of humanity.

Keep your mind and heart calm with serenity and love; balance your life with tranquil thoughts. Let not anger rule your world.

Anger is an emotion that riles the blood and provokes other people to return the anger. It is an emotion that when harnessed and controlled can result in crusades that bring about positive and healing endeavors. Anger is an emotion that, if allowed to continue unchecked and undirected, consumes the mind and injures the soul, thus bringing on unfounded paranoia.

Anger is encouraged to thrive when projected onto a world outside a person’s own well of emotions. Anger antagonizes a calm environment bringing disharmony and strife to others. Anger grows and flourishes when constantly fed by derogatory remarks or insinuating statements made with callous disregard for another person’s feelings.

People who project their troubles onto the world outside of themselves cause antagonism in their own environment of family and home, business and society as a whole. Dealing with anger is important in finding the oneness that we search for in our spiritual lives. Facing your anger, to own the anger rather than having the anger own you, is to bring the enemy within yourself and is the first step to conquering that anger.

The next step in conquering anger is to befriend it. In recognizing the survival and creative value of anger, we learn to use the positive aspects of a negative force in creating our own happiness.

So keep your mind and heart calm with serenity and love and balance your life with tranquil thoughts. Hold onto those thoughts and you will transform your inner self into one of contentment. In doing so, you and the world surrounding you will benefit.

Let not anger rule your world.

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