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Make an Appointment
with Life

I read my horoscope one day and thought, “This is one that I need to read every day.”

"You may feel as if your resources are depleted and you just want to throw in the towel. Don't give up quite yet. Just because today isn't the best day of your life doesn't mean that you need to write off everyone you know and declare yourself a complete hermit. Just because you are moodier than usual does not mean that you will never snap out of it, because you will. Realize that you may need to be a bit more adaptive in order to roll with the punches of the day."

Rolling with the punches -- adapting your lifestyle -- taking one day at a time -- or if that is too much, try taking one hour at a time. The main goal is to make it through one more day with your faculties fairly intact and sane.

So, how do you achieve this goal? By saying "no" when someone asks you to do a task or needs something right now! By letting the dust lie still just one more day. There will be plenty of time later to do that task.

So then, how do you achieve the tasks that need to be done? Achieve your goal by making a list of realistic chores in order of importance. Dusting can wait, but doing the dishes cannot. Cleaning the cobwebs from the corners can wait, washing one load of clothes cannot.

Learn to be efficient. If you are in the living room preparing to go into the back of the house, first look around and see if there is anything that needs to go to the back of the house. Make one trip handle two tasks.

If you are unsteady on your feet, pull out an old Easter basket to carry the small items that seem to accumulate on the end tables so you can carry them back into the bedrooms.

It only takes two more seconds to drop the shoes into the closet rather than just on the floor. Instead of tucking the bedspread, just toss it over the bed as a coverlet. A covered bed looks neater than a mass of tumbled sheets.

It takes just one minute to pull the wet towels off the rod, drop them in the clothes hamper and to pull shut the curtain on the tub. The wet wash cloth you take from the tub can be used to wipe up the toothpaste in the sink left by the kids before you drop the cloth into the hamper.

Utilizing your time differently, looking at your chores in a whole new light, this change is needed when you are ill. Still can’t get around to vacuuming? Then make an appointment with your vacuum.

Write on your calendar that you will vacuum on Wednesday. Then take all Wednesday to vacuum if you must. Do the floor in small sections, resting in between. Start in the bedroom before starting in the main area of the house. Keep your bedroom clean so you will have a place to retreat.

You can make yourself attend a doctor appointment simply because it is there on the calendar. Are you less important than a doctor?

Give yourself a time to do chores, but also give yourself a day off. You will need to plan ahead for the day. Plan on pizza delivery or simple foods the kids can make themselves. Use paper plates for everyday simplicity.

Make life easier by budgeting your time and using the resources available to you in this time and age. Budget the time you have before you have depleted all your remaining internal resources.

Granted there are the chores that make up every day life, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, then accomplish one task a day. There is a feeling of satisfaction when you are able to cross off one more chore, look around you and realize you are not useless.

You CAN accomplish what chores life throws at you as long as you approach the chores one at a time. Just don't forget: Life is to be enjoyed.

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