Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Awareness of Spirit

A collection of thoughts on life,
creation, and spiritual beliefs

"May the love, harmony, and peace that flow from Divinity infuse all aspects of your being and flow from you, that you may attain the indescribable state of oneness
with Divinity and use all your gifts to serve others."   Brian "Meelson"

My Spiritual and Life Beliefs:

Stepping Stones
Let Not Anger Rule Your World
On Faith and Deities
Heaven or Hell
The Bible and Jesus
On Judging Others and Labels
On Love and Respect
On Conformity
Focus on Balance
On Meditation

On Faith and Deities

unquestioning belief, specifically in God, a Creator; unconditional trust or confidence
an entity; in the state of being a god or goddess; God

When people ask me if I have faith in a higher being and why, I reply "Yes .. I have faith because it makes me content."  Now labeling that faith has been a problem. I was raised in a Christian household and was taught to believe everything the Bible said was the true and final word. I considered myself a "Christian" in the fact that I believed in Jesus Christ as my saviour.

This message was instilled in me as a child. As I grew in the world and realized that Christianity was not the only religion, I began to see life differently. I still have much love for Jesus, and believe him to be a son of God, the Creator. I  love and trust God, the Creator and love my neighbor according to the Bible which I use as a guide for my life.  But, according to the fundamentalist Christians, I am not a Christian because I believe there is more than one path to God's side.

I believe that in all the years since the Bible was first written that God has sent other messengers to bring the message of unconditional love for our fellow humankind. I believe in living the life of Christ .. caring, sharing, loving, teaching, believing in the Lifestyle of loving one another and believing Jesus was the son of God. This lifestyle is more sensible to me than just giving the faith lip service by spouting Bible verses every other sentence and ignoring the poor wretch that sits on the street corner, hungry and cold.

Coming from a Cherokee background, I also have a close affinity to native American Indian beliefs .. learning more about the interactions between people, nature, and the Creator. Even as a child I felt an affinity and a closeness with nature and the wonder emanating from the world as a whole.

I do believe there is a higher power. I don't believe it is the Christian picture of God of an old man with a long white beard and a staff. I believe that what ever it is .. the source of energy .. the source of the beginning of nature .. the "deity" if you will .. that entity is what I consider to be the Creator.

I believe the Creator is neither male nor female, but a combination of the two. The protector, the nurturer, the mother, the father .. all the emotions and qualities of both are combined in the One. In my writings, I use the term God essentially because it is a universally known term for the Creator.  I do not know what else to call the energy source I see in my dreams .. the aura of love and light that appears to me .. I just know that God, the All, the One, is the source of the love in my heart.

© March 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Heaven or Hell

As far as heaven and hell are concerned, I do not believe heaven is an actual place with harps. Neither do I believe that hell comes complete with a sharp horned devil and fire and brimstone. I believe we each have our own heaven within ourselves and when we die our inner spirit stays in that “heaven” while our body molders away.

What I wonder is if there a different plane of existence that could be considered a resting place for the inner spirit residing inside each of us? The bit of energy that makes us alive inside, the part of us that determines who we are, that soul of being inside each of us .. our inner self .. where does it go when we die?

Where do we go? Do we go to heaven or hell and exactly what are heaven and hell? Heaven and hell to me are states of mind .. you can believe them to be what ever you want them to be. Until someone can show me proof of otherwise, I will believe the Christian version of heaven and hell to be figments of over active imaginations of men trying to control the populace.

Angels .. yes .. I do believe in them. Someone must be watching over us considering how many stupid things we do and not die. The devil ?? no .. we create our own demons with our own minds. Since no dead person has ever come back from either place with proof, it may be some time before I know the truth.

I have no idea, and neither does anyone else, if there is such a place as heaven. We can just hope that when our bodies wither, our life essence continues. Being human, I have a hope when this physical body of mine gives out that the soul inside of me .. my inner self .. my spirit .. will continue on. Hopefully it will enter another body or rest in a plane of existence beyond our scope of understanding and not just cease to exist. I believe that my soul is so full of love for people that there is no way that I can use it all up in this lifetime. I have a hope that it will continue giving out love long after my physical body has turned to dust.

© March 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

The Bible and Jesus

As far as the Bible is concerned, I believe the Bible is a great teaching tool .. to be used as a guide, as a beginning .. in understanding the differences and consequences of right and wrong. The stories in the Bible are great teaching tools because they give you an understanding between actions and consequences.

There are lessons on treating people with respect and getting respect in return. There are the lessons on loving your neighbor and getting love in return. Sharing the love of the Spirit with someone gives a contentment to your whole mental and physical outlook. All these lessons make a good foundation for a well balanced life and the lessons and parables of the Bible outlining these lessons are easy to understand.

Jesus, the man, was a fantastic teacher and may well have been the son of God. Who knows for sure? Only the Creator knows that answer. Jesus may have been a way for the Creator to appear to humans in a form they would understand. By becoming flesh and blood, He could have shown them actual proof that His lessons in love and respect could work and make their lives more valuable. Only the Creator knows the answer to the story of the origin of  Jesus.

© March 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

On Judging Others and Labels

When people call me derogatory names for what I believe, I just remind them, “The anger and frustration you feel is yours, not mine, and I refuse to take on your inability to hold your temper or to take on your frustrations in how you feel.”  I have enough problems of my own to deal with without taking on the anger from other people.

If they are uncomfortable with my beliefs, I refuse to change my love for the Creator to make these people happy. They themselves will need to change, or to just accept my beliefs for what they are .. mine.  I will not allow them to make me angry.

According to the Christians, I am not a Christian because I do not believe Jesus is the only path to God. I believe in understanding the greatness of the Creator that lives in all things. If you talk to people of other faiths, I am a Christian because I believe that Jesus actually existed and was a child of the Creator .. as we all are.

I believe Jesus did love us and in being determined with that love, he sacrificed himself rather than throwing that love and his ideals aside. I have a great love for people and if I can, I will help them to understand the Spirit within themselves.

I have been called Christian, heretic, bodhisattva, a Hindu in disguise, a pagan with a twist, and more than I care to admit.

As for myself, I don't have a label for me. I love the Creator, the One, the Spirit. I have great respect for nature and for the Creator's ability to use nature and all it's bounties to bring about a sanctuary for mankind.

I have a personal relationship with the Creator .. it is unequaled and close .. and I do not need a middle man, or priest, or to be inside a church building to take my message to the Creator. I do not need someone else to interpret the Creator's words for me.

I hear His words in my dreams.  I feel His love in my heart and it makes me content.

© March 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell


In searching for a peace of inner self, I have ridden a roller coaster of emotions.   Despair followed by anger followed by a degree of acceptance followed by a brief moment of calmness and peace has seemed to be my life's pattern.

In determining why my life has followed this path, I came to a realization. In searching for the link between myself and the Creator, I have been forcing myself to push myself beyond my limits at the time .. thus initiating the failure of becoming one with the One, the All.

The journey from confusion to understanding is one that is fraught with perils. My goal of enlightenment is thwarted by rocks thrown in my path in the form of naysayers and others who are afraid of accepting me, the person they have known, as someone different.

In visualizing my life as a path, in envisioning my path as a life cycle, I have come to a realization. The avenue I have been traveling is not unlike birth contractions that bring on life. Once labor (the healing of my inner self) was induced, it must proceed to completion if I am to fulfill my goal of becoming one with the Creator.

As in natural birth, the surprise of the first major labor pain catches you unaware. You have a moment of panic where you lose control of any grasp of reality other than the pain you are enduring. It becomes the only focus in your life for a brief time. The first major rock in my path was the realization of memories of a part of my past life that contained sexual abuse that left me rocking in horror and fear.

Then, as that first contraction left and the pain began to subside, I realized I had begun a journey that will eventually have a final ending of joy and enlightenment. Between that first pain (the first trial of disbelief in myself) and my goal of enlightenment are many more painful moments to be endured, but I can endure them as long as I have the strength given me by the Creator.

During my resting points between the pains, my mind will begin to relax and blissful thoughts of the joy to come will fill me. These thoughts will allow me to feel a fleeting glimpse of peace in my heart. I have not yet reached that complete joy, but I can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Along that path, I have moments of misgivings brought on by feelings and thoughts still residing in my mind. These thoughts of disbelief lacking in the conviction of true enlightenment are reluctant to give up their resting place in my being.

I am continually bombarded with thoughts that say I am not worthy, thoughts that say I am not strong enough, thoughts that tell me to “give up all hope, for enlightenment is not to be yours”. These thoughts do not want to share their residence (my mind) with the newborn being, my new spirit of enlightenment. These thoughts of doubt are not unlike jealous siblings.

In finding and accepting enlightenment, I know these thoughts must be encouraged and reassured to believe the newborn enlightenment will bring them joy, not sorrow, more love, and less despair into my world for them to share.

By grasping this knowledge given to me by the Creator, I have begun a journey and an understanding of the birthing process that will bring forth a new life. I must relax and learn  to go with the flow. I must learn to breathe deeply and focus on the result -- my newborn self.

By getting in touch with my own deepest intent to give birth to my new self through prayer and through meditation, the method of healing and knowing I am a gift from God will become a reality.

© March 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

On Love and Respect

In a relationship, a marriage, or a friendship, many people believe it is a 50/50 proposition. I am here to tell you there are times when you will pull 90% and they will pull 10%. Then, the day comes when he/she will pull 100% and you 0 %. These are the times when we feel the most helpless.

As we are fighting our own feelings of inadequacy, we are humbled to the fact that we need help and sometimes the only way to get it is to ask for it. Sometimes it is very hard to ask for help; it can be very frightening. Never be afraid to ask for help though, for trust is behind the act of asking and trust is a large part of a relationship. Trust is the heart within the body of love.

Respect for the other person's feelings, respect for their right to a bit of privacy, respect for their right to be angry, or happy, or sad, or jubilant without taking offense or holding their feelings against them is the backbone of any relationship. If you take that respect away, the relationship crumbles for there is nothing to help hold it together.

A relationship can be delightful or it can be full of sorrow. You have the ability to live a life of bliss, or allow yourself to be thrown into an abyss of torment. If you allow yourself to be treated with disrespect then your life will be a nightmare of your own making. You have the ability and the right to say, "You are hurting me in this relationship".

You also need to recognize the other person's position and not trample their thoughts and their dreams into dust by using unkind words or deeds.

A relationship can be a journey through paradise, or it can be a lifetime of anguish. It is up to you to decide which it is to be.

© April 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

On Conformity

I want escape from the cage of morality,
the rules that stifle the heart and soul
I long to take the first step into freedom
to break free of a society that makes and breaks the rules.

Leave me out of their conformity
I am not perfect, but I do not need their rules.
I am no leader, I am but a feather in the wind
dancing lightly in the sun, floating into an oblivion of peace.

I am the calm before the storm
pushed aside to allow the storm to clear away
the cobwebs that stifle the life within ..
to allow its rain to feed the draught strewn thoughts.

So now I ask for a breeze of cool and soft touch
to gently urge out the life within my soul
gentled by a kind thought, the life becomes
a fire that does not destroy, but renews the spirit.

Allow the strength of these thoughts to join and build
a wall that will protect that which is precious inside
an inner spirit born in the sanctity of peace
flowing as a gentle spring of life giving water.

© April 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Focus for Balance

When you feel your life is out of balance, you must find a way to calm your mind to help you attain contentment. Writing down your inner most thoughts is one way to help in the centering process of your spirit.  It helps one to feel focused and calm, but over flowing with mental energy .. wired!

Often, in calming the mind and attaining focus to the center of your spirit .. your physical body relaxes, but once the center is tapped energy flows more easily. Therefore your mind becomes energized or "wired".

 This energy level gives one authority to effect change and is a very important aspect in our lives. We have a bit of authority in our own environments, but often it is decided by other forces. This energy plays a part in the way we handle ourselves throughout the day's events. It takes a good deal of control to maintain our balance, to keep calm in the middle of adversity. To accomplish that control is a sign of true progress in our abilities.

The goal is to attain balance by controlling our emotions. Balance is a measure of the level of one's control, and the ability to control a positive outcome in life. Balance allows one to design for a particular outcome .. to plan .. to have this foot move to that place on command. This balance is an important ideal to acquire in finding oneness on The Path of Divine Love.

If we walked down a garden path, we would surely find a place in it where the passing was not easy. If we stopped right where we stumbled and walked no further, we would make NO further progress in our pursuit of attaining balance in our life. We might stumble a bit and then continue on our path to attain peace. The choice is ours to make.

The ideal then is not how we stop, or how often, or even the level of what stops us.  The ideal is that we keep GOING .. that is what is important to our advancement.

After a time, the retrained self regains its soundness and one will be able to smile and look back at those little stumbles and simply move on with the business of life.  When we are able to look back at adversities and smile, and to look forward with confidence, we will have attained the balance of knowledge of our inner selves.  Our balance will better enable us to join our inner selves with the Creator of Divine Love.

© April 2000 Brenda "Rion"  Sewell and Tod Osborne

Let Not Anger Rule Your World

Only the Creator of the Universe keeps a permanent record of your shortcomings. No one else is entitled to absolute knowledge of all your hows and whys. So be true unto yourself .. follow your own path and seek contentment.

The Creator gave you a gift of spirit hidden deep within your inner self. In this spirit is hidden the tools you need to follow a path of destiny that was meant for you to find contentment in your heart.

Don't let others rule your destiny for they may steer you in the wrong direction. Hold onto all thoughts bright and beautiful .. for there may come a day when you may need to draw on your reserves to maintain your sense of humanity.

Keep your mind and heart calm with serenity and love and balance your life with tranquil thoughts. Let not anger rule your world.

Anger is an emotion that riles the blood and provokes others to return the anger. It is an emotion that when harnessed and controlled can result in crusades that bring about positive and healing endeavors. Anger is an emotion that if allowed to continue unchecked and undirected consumes the mind and injures the soul, thus bringing on unfounded paranoia.

Anger is encouraged to thrive when projected onto a world outside a person's own well of emotions. Anger antagonizes a calm environment bringing disharmony and strife to others. Anger grows and flourishes when constantly fed by derogatory remarks or insinuating statements made with callous disregard for another person's feelings.

People who project their troubles onto the world outside of themselves cause antagonism in their own environment of family and home, business and society as a whole. Dealing with anger is important in finding the oneness that we search for in our spiritual lives. Facing your anger, to own the anger rather than having the anger own you, is to bring the enemy within yourself and is the first step to conquering that anger.

The next step in conquering anger is to befriend it. In recognizing the survival and creative value of anger, we learn to use the positive aspects of a negative force in creating our own happiness.

So keep your mind and heart calm with serenity and love and balance your life with tranquil thoughts. Hold onto those thoughts and you will transform your inner self into one of contentment. In doing so, you and the world surrounding you will benefit. Let not anger rule your world.

© April 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

On Meditation

I have used meditation to help me in my healing processes. I use it to clear my mind of unsavory thought processes, to help me bring a balance to my life. In relaxing completely, I am more able to connect to the Divine within me. It helps me to connect to the world around me, to bring the peace that abounds in the universe into my heart.

There are several different methods of meditation processes. I will not go into them all here, as there are several web sites that can expound on them with more knowledge than I can. This is a meditation technique I use.

A Healing Meditation

Begin by setting aside just a few minutes of your day .. start with 10-20 minutes.
First .. turn off your television. Turn off the ringer on your phones.
Put a piece of tape over your doorbell with a sign .. "Engaged, please do not disturb."

Second .. get into some comfortable clothes.. nothing binding.

Third .. get into a comfortable position. You do not  have to sit cross-legged or in the lotus position when you first begin.

The whole idea is to make you comfortable. So sit in a comfortable chair, or lie down on your bed.

If you turn on music, it should be soft instrumental only.. no words.
If you have a partner in the house, tell them to NOT talk to you for 20 minutes.
This is not too much to ask, everyone needs their own quiet time.

Begin your session by closing your eyes.
This lessens the chance of you being disrupted by a visual occurrence (such as a concerned partner "just checking in on you").

Then begin relaxing your body.
Begin by relaxing the muscles in your feet, then your legs.
Relax the muscles completely. Relax your torso, then your fingertips, your hands, your arms, then your head.

Let the muscles in your face relax. Be aware of each muscle.
Relax the muscles in the cheeks, the forehead, around the eyes.

Breathe partially through parted lips.
Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth.
Slowly .. slowly .. breathe ..
imagine your mind as a chalkboard.
When a thought crosses over it .. erase it.

The whole idea behind meditation is NOT to leave your body completely. But to be aware of your body .. the softness of your breath .. the tingling in your muscles .. to be aware of how your body feels when it is completely relaxed.

Be aware of how your body connects with the energy coming from the Universe.

When you are completely relaxed, imagine an invisible spotlight above your head.

Imagine a soft veil of light covering you from your head to your toes ..
shining down on your head .. covering you in light.
This light is energy .. fresh .. invigorating .. comforting .. with the smell of air freshened by a soft spring rain.

Try to become one with this veil.
Allow your energy to combine with the energy from the light.
This cone-shaped veil of light protects you and lights your way.
It helps you to see in the dark. It leads you past the pain and trials of your life.

Allow this light to push your pain or nagging thoughts out of your body.
Imagine the pain coursing through your body to your feet or to your fingertips.
Imagine the pain dripping out of your body, pushed out by the light.
Try to maintain this relaxed sensation for several minutes.

Ease yourself out of your relaxed state.
Open your eyes and slowly begin moving your body.
Do not rush back into the present time.

This is enough for the first few sessions.

As you become more comfortable with these sessions, you will find it easier and easier to relax your body and your mind.
Soon you will be able to attain this relaxed state in just a few seconds.

Why go through all this?
Because your body as well as your mind needs rest to heal.

Stress of being ill weakens your body and your body begins behaving like any machine. When a machine is used too often .. for too long a time .. without a resting and servicing period, the machine begins to break down.

It is not noticeable at first .. just a few creaks and squeaks. But pretty soon, the machine is going slower and develops problems that begins to affect its performance.

This is what your body is doing.
The pain you feel is not only aggravating, but is a big warning sign.
It is your body telling you it needs a break.

Meditation is one way of giving your mind and your body a short vacation.

I hope this helps .. it has helped me.

Stepping Stones

Nestled at the foothills leading to Nirvana, there lay a peaceful meadow of beautiful flowers, shrubs of greenery, coarse weeds and brambles. When gazed upon from afar, the colors of the flowers drew the beholder’s eye to the beckoning beauty.

She followed a path to reach Nirvana, and as she grew closer, more details were seen of the meadow. As she entered the meadow, individual plants came into view. The beholder walked amongst the brambles and thorns growing up amidst the fragrant flowers. She fought against the thorns, trying to fulfill her search for the peace she knew she needed to survive.

The brambles tore and clung to her clothing. Reaching out to untangle the branches, she was forced to realize beneath the brambles were sweet delectable fruits. If she had not paused, had not taken the time to unravel the thorns, she would never have noticed the nourishment at her feet.

Standing upright, she realized her quest had ended. Her peace was not to be found in a meadow of pretty flowers. Her peace was not to be found at the top of the mountain where no one could reach her. She had found serenity by simply standing still and allowing peace to come to her.

In running to a place we feel will bring us peace, we sometimes overlook the obvious.  If you stand still, peace will come to you.

We must play by the rules life has dealt us, no matter how it makes us feel,
for sometimes the things we feel are the worst, are the stepping stones that help us heal.

© February 2001 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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