Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Morning Tide

She walked out onto the wooden deck of her seaside cottage and stood overlooking the dunes, her hands resting on the weathered railing surrounding the deck. The wind picked up the sand and blew it against her bare legs. The light stinging sensation made her feel alive, more so than she had felt in months.

The sea oats on the dunes dipped their heads, heavy with seed, towards the ground in unison, as though they were Samurai bowing before a battle in the wind. The roots of the oats, tangled together beneath the surface of the sand, held the sand in place even as the wind whipped across the surface.

The warmth of the rays began to leach the cold from her body as she stood in the early morning sun. The smell of salted air on the morning breeze brought back memories of childhood. Wanting to return to that simple time, she slipped off her shoes and left them on the deck. Walking barefoot to the water’s edge, she scuffed her feet in the white sugar sand of the beach. She gazed out over the waves as they crested and left white foam on the shoreline.

She walked out into the cold refreshing ocean waters, feeling the sand run out from under her feet as each wave ran back to hide in the deeper waters. Standing sideways to the onslaught of the waves, she watched the sea birds running on their short stilted legs. Burying their beaks in the sand, they caught their breakfast on the run as each wave threatened to overcome.

Smiling with a contentment brought to her as a morning gift, she walked back towards her house. The expanse of beach was already warming under the Florida sun and the sand covered her wet feet with a diamond coating of white silica. Content in the knowledge she was blessed with a morning such as this, she raised her head to the sun and whispered a soft word of thanks. 

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