Rion's Reflections

These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Bright Path

In honor of life and a brighter path, a gift has been given to the world. Mankind has been given the choice to follow a path of Universal Light. All, who follow the path, seek to attain enlightenment.

This gift encourages mankind to follow one's heart, to allow one to believe in an inner strength, and to use the inner strength to reinforce the tie to the Universe. A single thread connects us to the Universe and to the Universal Love surrounding our existence.

Everyone has their own thread that connects them to another. Life is a tapestry made from the threads of peoples' lives, interwoven like expensive silks, each one precious in its own right.

Our inner strength is made precious by life and guides as a flame to persevere in times of hardship. Sometimes we feel our flame of life flickering and growing dim, and then someone acknowledges who we are, and what we can be, and rekindles our life with hope and love. The love can then be shared with others who are in search of peace.

One of the keys to peace in our lives is to be tolerant of all other people. We can learn from one another, but when we have no tolerance towards the beliefs of others, we stop learning and do not advance as a human being.

If we are open to others beliefs and ideas, we make our own beliefs stronger. If we are closed to knowledge, we become hypocrites with closed minds.

We must not let hypocrisy deter us from following a path of enlightenment. To find the elusive peace we seek, we must not forget to look deep within ourselves. To attain an inner peace in life, we must relax the mind as well as the physical body.

Attaining peace is like holding a handful of water. If you cup your hand gently, you can hold the water and drink from it. If you tighten your fist, the water falls to the ground .. lost.

Follow the path to enlightenment with a sense of wonder and an openness to the vast mysterious forces abounding in the Universe. It is the source of all true art and all science.

Once we can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe of nature and all that surrounds us, we become mere shells of life for our eyes are closed to the wonder of enlightenment and the future.

Most of us spend time dreaming of the future, never realizing a little arrives each day. Today is the day for planning for the future. Yesterday is for looking back and realizing your mistakes.

We learn from our mistakes. We must also be open to recognize the different ways to learn. In seeking that knowledge, it is the wise man who does not try to force his ideals upon others. We cannot force knowledge onto mankind; we can only show him the door and wait for him to walk through and find the light within himself.

Be true to yourself, be open to knowledge, share the love of the inner self and enlightenment will be an attainable goal.

© November 2001 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

            Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. 
     Where there is hatred, let me sow love; 
     Where there is injure, pardon; 
     Where there is discord, union; 
     Where there is doubt, faith; 
     Where there is despair, hope; 
     Where there is darkness, light; 
     Where there is sadness, joy. 
Grant that I may not so much seek 
     to be consoled as to console 
     to be understood as to understand 
     to be loved as to love. 

For it is in giving that I receive; 
     it is in pardoning that I am pardoned; 
     and it is in dying that I am born to eternal life. 

      St. Francis of Assisi

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