Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart
are a Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Legend of the Butterfly
Butterfly Thoughts
As the Indian Legend Goes

If anyone desires a wish to come true they must first
capture a butterfly and whisper their wish to it.

Since a butterfly can make no sound,
the butterfly can not reveal the wish to anyone
but the Great Spirit who hears and sees all.

In gratitude for giving the beautiful butterfly its freedom,
the Great Spirit always grants the wish.

So, according to legend,
by making a wish and giving the butterfly its freedom,
the wish will be taken to the heavens and be granted.

Butterfly Thoughts

Imagine,  our planet floating silently in space.

Around it, a butterfly with gossamer wings flies forever, circling and dipping its wings to gently touch the earth.

Imagine if you will ..

a butterfly lightly winging over a large group of people standing in a park. The group of people is diverse in nature, of many nationalities, and of many different faiths.  They are a people following many different paths .. all going in different directions.

Then imagine everyone in the group pausing and taking a moment to enjoy the splendor of the effervescence of color and movement of the butterfly.

Watch them as they take into their hearts the beauty encompassed in the flight of the butterfly .. as the wonder of the moment unites their lives, they share a universal love brought to earth by a single butterfly.

Imagine the silence and tranquillity of the moment ..

this is my vision of peace of earth.

Use this time wisely.
Dream your dreams, follow your heart, and pursue a wholeness of the spirit.

Love and light to you all ..
Brenda  "Rion" Sewell

"Sometimes we feel our flame of life flickering and growing dim,
then someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be
and rekindles our life with hope and love.

Life is a tapestry made of the threads of peoples' lives,
interwoven like expensive silks, each one precious in its own right."
© 1996 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Thank you for being a part of my tapestry.

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© February 1996- 2004 Brenda "Rion" Sewell