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These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell


Reflections by the Lake


In a time of turmoil and uncertainties, a stabilizing inspiration is needed to bring peace and contentment back into your life. This inspiration can come from many different sources.

A book of verse or a song sung in joyous chorus, an outing to a museum or a walk in the park -- these are some of the many ways to begin your journey into peace.

When my soul cries out for serenity, water brings me my answer as I seek to console my spirit. Whatever the source, a walk by a lake, or a stroll down the beach, water brings me peace.


Near my home is a lake with an old oak tree living on its banks. Twisted and gnarled, and draped in Spanish moss, its branches bear the scars from many storms. Broken and laid bare, its trunk reaches its one strong limb out over the water as if seeking the solace of the lake.

Cypress trees balance on knobby knees along the lake shore. The branches of some are still bare of leaves having shed them during the winter, while others are eager for spring and flaunt feathery greenery along their branches.


My dog, Gideon, and I sit and watch the water rippling along the shore and listen to the quiet rustlings of leaves. The cat tails dip their heavy heads down to the water as if bowing to ask permission to live by the lake.

A soft breeze brings the clean smell of fresh flowers and the warm air is awash with the droning of bumble bees. The bright pink blossoms of the Azaleas surround the lakeshore with a collar of vibrant color.


Across the lake, a lone heron stands patiently at the lake's edge, its bill held motionless above the water. The stark whiteness of its plumage stands in relief against the dark green foliage of the shoreline.

As I stand beside the lake, I can feel the harsh realities of my life become the passenger rather than the driver of my life. Peace overcomes me and fills me with a refreshed outlook on life. Illness and death seem far away and contentment permeates my being.

The living water of the lake has revived me and given me the strength to once again live my life with hope instead of drowning in despair.

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