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by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Cloud Parties


Dragon in the clouds

When we were children we would lie on our backs in the grass to watch the sky. The clouds overhead became flying horses or dancing people, while some became vehicles of dreams.

In our childlike wonder, we lived in those clouds and dreamed of things not within our reach. We dreamed of far off places where mountains hide mysteries and waterfalls called our name. 

We left this world and soared in our dreams on a cloud. We had tea parties with royalty or danced the night away listening to our favorite music. 

As adults, we now look to the clouds and feel anger when we see our outdoor plans spoiled by a storm. We look to the sky and refuse to see the dreams hidden within the billowing mounds.

In today’s world of strife, illness, and discord, we need the childlike qualities of dreaming in wonder and visualizing a world encased in love and hidden beauty to help us to survive. We need to lie back on the grass and build castles of dreams with billowing clouds.

We need to regain the ability to see beauty where there is ugliness. We need to have faith our dreams will succeed. We need to regain the ability to allow the child within each of us to play and to bring a sense of wonder to a world that tends to overwhelm us with its atrocities. 

We need again to feel joy as we run through the rain instead of cursing our wet hair. We need to allow ourselves to have cloud parties and to once again feel the wonder and the happiness in which we were once so familiar. 

We need to allow the child within each of us to lead us into a world of beauty where tea parties on clouds and contentment can be ours if we just stop long enough in our journey to look at the clouds.

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