Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell


 Dragons are Forever


A flight of fancy and a brush of wing
brings the powerful beast into view.
As he soars through the air with leathery wings,
the sight of him brings me closer to you.

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Dragon Song
Wake the Dragon
Cosmic Dragon



Dragons symbolize power, the grace of flight, the protection of a guardian, and an endurance of life to me.

Battles with dragons may represent the things that need to be destroyed in your life. Smoking, drinking, drug-use, or any destructive behavior may be the dragon that you must slay.

However, keep in mind that not all dragons should be slain!

For dragons are often guarding treasures, rubies,  jewels, even sleeping on beds of gold coins. These treasures symbolize knowledge and wisdom and your dragon-spirit can reveal much knowledge to you, for knowledge is power indeed.

Many tales speak of a fair maiden held captive by a dragon with many good knights questing to rescue her. The maiden guarded by the dragon represents many ideas, truth, wisdom, peace after conflict, goals achieved, the reward of good heath after kicking a bad habit, and to some ancient traditions - the Goddess!

Dragons are associated with fire. Fire creates light, illumination, heat, and destruction, therefore fire is the element of change.

Nothing purifies like fire. The strongest metals are made from it and so are the strongest people.

Fire in its destructive form, destroys the outdated and obsolete so new changes can grow. A forest is reborn after a fire and the grass is greener because of the nutrients left in the soil from the ashes.

The dragon's lesson for us is truth. The dragon reminds us to stand up for the truth even if the whole world says you're wrong.  You will need the strength of the dragon to accomplish your goal. Which reminds me of another old saying, "The truth may not make you any friends, but it sure does influence people."

How do you see dragons? In the heavy smoke of a fire.

© 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Cosmic Dragon

When bright the stars in the heavens form
a cosmic cross in a velvet sky.
The dragon returns to hold the earth
with coiling wraps of mighty tail.

The dragon comes with simple heart
to light the way for others lost.
In mystic haze, she softly weeps
suppressed by greed and darkened thoughts.

Truth cries when it is not allowed
to grow and move freely about.
Dreams of peace in time will pass
if love and truth are not acclaimed.

The cry of the dragon will be heard
as she hangs her head in agony.
When the dragon has no time of peace
destruction reigns so truth stays free.

She carries the truth within her claws
and cleanses the world with fiery jaws.
For truth is an egg she hopes will hatch
beginning new lives of serenity.

© August 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Thank you PaganHeart
for allowing me to use a picture of your sculpture to make this background.
This dragon is an incense burner.


Thanks to The Five Springs Campground in Cherokee, NC
for the information on dragons.

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