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Due to my deteriorating health,
Itza Rion is no longer an active kennel of breeding and stud service.
I do still offer dog training advice.

. ..gideon gideon-head
Gideon at 5 years - April 2000 (28 inches tall, 95 pounds)
 Herr Gideon Itza Rion, CDX, CGC,
Therapy Dog - Mobility Assistance,
Search and Rescue

In memory of Kira

Gideon also is a professional dog model ..
seen here on the cover of the May 2000 issue of
R.C. Steele Pet Supplies


"Gideon and Kira"
Colored pencil and ink
© 2003 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

In Memory of Kira
(1/97 - 9/01)
Kira at 2 years - January, 1999 (24 inches tall, 70 pounds)
Thrill Hill's Solar Eclipse  (Kira)
Therapy Dog
Due to uncontrollable epilepsy caused by a head injury, we lost Kira.
She is missed terribly.
January 1997 - September 1, 2001

For more information on Canine Epilepsy:

When the inevitability of the loss of a pet occurs, it is normal to grieve.
Realization of the Inevitable
Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

Training Methods

Thinking Like a Dog

Itza Rion Kennels has acquired another type of Shepherd .. Belgian Sheepdogs ..
known as Shepherds in Europe and Sheepdogs in the USA, they are the same breed.

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Brenda Sewell in Orlando, FL

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