Rion's Reflections

These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Keepers of the Tapestry

I am as the full moon waiting in the darkness of a velvet sky, veiled by clouds covering me in the night. Filled with an inner light, I walk fearless into the shadows. I am one of the keepers of the tapestry.

I hold dear the soft light that fills my world with peace. Love, joy, and fulfillment of spirit vibrate together, overflowing my heart. Sharing this peace allows me to join the lives of others to help create a tapestry. Life is a tapestry made up of the threads of peoples' lives, interwoven like expensive silks, each one precious in its own right.

I am a seer. I see our universe as a beautiful tapestry filled with exhilarating colors. I can hold one section of the tapestry in my hands and exclaim over its beauty, or I sigh and attempt to mend a broken thread to bring back the wholeness of the work.

I am guided in these endeavors by the strength of energy that encompasses all of creation.

The universe contains the energies derived from the emotions and dreams of all things. This energy flows as a golden thread connecting all things, one to the other, creating the scenic beauty and woeful sadness found in our world.

Just as a single raindrop joins another to flow together into a river, these streams of energy will join together to create a formidable strand of potential wisdom. As the wisdom is shared, the universal tapestry grows in size as more and more strands are woven into the picture. 

Alas, there is a weakness in the life of the tapestry. Negative energy can tap into the strand of energy and change the pattern of the universe. The universal tapestry is damaged when its threads are pulled apart by sorrow and sadness, depression and despondency.

When I meet someone, I don't see just flesh and bones, eyes and hair. I see the emotions and desires, the fears and dreams the person holds within their heart. When those fears interfere with their happiness, I share my own energy to bring them peace so they can heal. 

If they are sad or depressed, I endeavor to find a way to lead them out of the darkness. Whether it is with a smile or words of encouragement, assisting in finding medical help or spiritual comfort, I do my best to lend a hand. This is my path to follow. This is my strand of energy in the tapestry of life.

This energy and wisdom resides within each of us as an inner light. If we are quiet and still in our minds, it lights our way through the dark days of life. We can take this miracle of wisdom and bring to life the dreams we carry inside our hearts. If we just take the time to listen to our inner light and allow it to shine forth. 

© February 2003 Brenda “Rion” Sewell

In honor of life and a brighter path, a gift has been given to the world.
Mankind has been given the choice to follow a path of Universal Light.
All, who follow the bright path, seek to attain enlightenment.

Bright Path

            Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. 
     Where there is hatred, let me sow love; 
     Where there is injure, pardon; 
     Where there is discord, union; 
     Where there is doubt, faith; 
     Where there is despair, hope; 
     Where there is darkness, light; 
     Where there is sadness, joy. 

Grant that I may not so much seek 
     to be consoled as to console 
     to be understood as to understand 
     to be loved as to love. 

For it is in giving that I receive; 
     it is in pardoning that I am pardoned; 
     and it is in dying that I am born to eternal life. 


     St. Francis of Assisi

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