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Love, Romance,
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On Love and Respect
Respect in a Relationship
Forever In Love
Waiting for Ecstasy
Wake the Dragon
Whisper Soft

On Love and Respect

In a relationship, a marriage, or a friendship, many people believe it is a 50/50 proposition. I am here to tell you there are times when you will pull 90% and they will pull 10%. Then, the day comes when he/she will pull 100% and you 0 %. These are the times when we feel the most helpless.

As we are fighting our own feelings of inadequacy, we are humbled to the fact that we need help and sometimes the only way to get it is to ask for it. Sometimes it is very hard to ask for help; it can be very frightening. Never be afraid to ask for help though, for trust is behind the act of asking and trust is a large part of a relationship. Trust is the heart behind the body of love.

Respect for the other person's feelings, respect for their right to a bit of privacy, respect for their right to be angry, or happy, or sad, or jubilant without taking offense or holding their feelings against them is the backbone of any relationship. If you take that respect away, the relationship crumbles for there is nothing to help hold it together.

A relationship can be delightful or it can be full of sorrow. You have the ability to live a life of bliss, or allow yourself to be thrown into an abyss of torment. If you allow yourself to be treated with disrespect then your life will be a nightmare of your own making. You have the ability and the right to say, "You are hurting me in this relationship".

You also need to recognize the other person's position and not trample their thoughts and their dreams into dust by using unkind words or deeds.

A relationship can be a journey through paradise, or it can be a lifetime of anguish. It is up to you to decide which it is to be.

© April 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Respect in a Relationship

Today, loving relationships between people begin and end in a short duration of time. Fleeting moments of affection are grabbed between hectic schedules of business meetings, going to the gym, or running between appointments.

We grasp onto our brief moments of love and savor them in the short time before the next errand needs to be addressed. We seem to have based our relationships on pleasure rather than substance.

Unfortunately, relationships based solely on affection last about as long as a bag of cheese crackers left open in a children’s nursery. The substance needed to build our relationships seems to have fallen by the wayside on the list of life priorities. Marriages lasting no more than five years are quite common, while marriages lasting more than twenty-five years are a rarity in these modern times.

When couples in long lasting relationships were questioned as to the reasons for the longevity of their marriage, the major reply was “our relationship was based on respect as well as love”.

The physical affection between lovers is pleasant, but will in time become stale and the relationship will begin to fail. Relationships that are built on respect and honor will survive the trials a relationship endures over the years.

Respect for another’s feelings, a respect for their ideals, and a respect for the personal space needed for privacy are all building blocks for a successful relationship. Once the respect has become a mainstay in your life, all other problems seem to lessen.

With respect, there are fewer arguments because the couple understands the other’s boundaries. With respect, there are less physical confrontations over trivial matters. With respect, the whole relationship takes on a life of its own. It becomes a life of tranquil moments and shared love that will help extend the life of the relationship.

Loving embraces, soft tender kisses, and kind words coupled with a respect for each other during the difficult times in a marriage is the secret behind a successful coupling of kindred souls.

© April 2000 Brenda “Rion” Sewell

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She wore a string of iridescent pearls
reflections of her world within each one.
Smiling she turns her face to the wind
and handles each pearl with loving care.

Casually rolling them one by one
through delicate fingers in snow white gloves
she pauses to savor memories
hidden deep within the pearly globes.

Recalling scenes of bright laughter and smiles,
of apples sold by a street corner boy
from a basket held within his hands
standing alone in the morning fog.

She remembers the walks with handsome men,
on nights of bright music and filled dance cards,
of smiles hidden behind a golden fan,
a stolen kiss ‘neath a velvet sky.

Softly caressing the ivory pearls,
reflections of days from long ago,
she drifts in her mind and gently smiles
afloat on a sea of sensuous dreams.

© November 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Forever In Love
Let us walk together under the canopy
between wooden posts and makeshift tables
standing crooked in crowded aisles.

Hold my hand and laugh with me
as we follow a path between the rows
of sun ripened fruits and vegetables.

Softly squeeze a rough skinned orange
breathe in deeply the bitter sweet smell
reminding you of our day at the beach.

With your fingers crush the greens of the field
releasing the smell of fresh mown hay
standing in the noon day sun.

Remember the summer picnic in July
lying on a sheet, eating sharp tasting cheese
and drinking wine with a fruity bouquet.

Share these loving memories with me
as we slowly walk in the noon day sun
into the august of our senior years.

© January 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Waiting for Ecstasy

Crawling in between sheets that still hold the warmth of the sun
I encircle my arms around your sleeping form.
Slowly breathing in the wondrous sweetness of your hair
as it lies curled in tendrils against your neck, I wait.

Nudging you gently with my nose, kissing you softly with lips
that still bear the scent of warm chocolate
Tracing small circles across your back with gentle fingertips
drawing a tranquil energy from your inner self, I wait.

Feeling the sensual urgings of my body, close I lay next to you
curling myself against the slope of your back.
Entertwining my limbs with yours in utter tranquillity
joining my love with yours in the quiet of the night, I wait.

© June 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Wake the Dragon
      He comes up behind me while I sit
      soundlessly .. softly .. with a surety of soul.
      I smell his presence and smile, knowing what is to come.

      Lowering my chin,  I offer my neck to be touched ..
      to be kissed .. to feel the soft sweet circles
      of feather touch as they dance across my skin.

      I feel his breath against my skin .. warm .. alive ..
      I feel his butterfly kisses begin
      at the nape of my neck bent in utter trust.

      His hands begin to knead the tenseness of the day
      away from my body, in measured sure strokes,
      with hands made muscled by years of labor.

      Pulling me to the floor, he continues to release me
      from the tortures of the day .. surely as the sun ..
      strong sensual strokes down the length of my back.

      With fingertips made smooth with lotion sweet,
      he closes my eyes .. and trailing his fingertips down
      slowly, across my chest to loosen my dress.

      Unveiling silky skin unblemished by the sun ..
      blushing with the rising awareness
      of sensual pleasures yet to come.

      Cool air swirls and dances across my skin,
      leaving small trails of raised skin .. a quivering ..
      building deep within the mound of my belly.

      With a kiss .. the fire is kindled and spreads ..
      awakening the beast residing deep within ..
      the animal that drives the soul and demands to be fed.

      Heat from the dragon within .. builds and grows ..
      overwhelming the soul .. overpowering the mind ..
      rousing the beast who demands satisfaction.

      Tender touches .. light and sure ..
      dancing across the thighs .. teasing .. touching ..
      luring the beast from the lair.

      An explosion of sensations .. pulsating .. striving
      fusing the soul with the body .. fiery .. scorching ..
      unadulterated ecstasy within the essence of my being.

      Soft tears of relief running down my cheeks..
      slowly extinguish the fire of the beast within ..
      allowing me to drift into sweet and blissful sleep.

        © December 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Whisper Soft
This poem was  published in the poetry collection
"Outstanding Poets of 1998" by the The National Library of Poetry.
Kiss me soft upon the neck, blowing gently with pursed lips
whisper softness upon my throat till my heart is thrilled
arouse me, excite me with your breath, pure and sweet
till my longing and the fire within my soul is fulfilled.
Pleasing is the smell of you, refreshing as sweet perfume
to heal the heart and fill the soul with joyful delight.
Your eyes speak your love to me in unspoken words,
as your hands release my love with a touch of  feather light.
Pleasure me with tenderness, arouse my heart, my darling sweet,
sing a song of unrelenting love against my skin.
As your touch takes me to the edge of sweet and tender death
my soul cries out, as passion is released from deep within.

© March 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Slipping quietly into your darkened room
I  slowly close the bedroom door
hearing the soft click of the lock
as quietly I turn the knob.

Standing silently beside your bed
I listen to the soft breathy sounds
as you dream and turn in the night
sounding as a young babe in arms.

The glowing opalescent moon
drapes light across your sleeping form
a veil to keep you warm and safe
as you dream of lights and sounds.

Dropping my garment beside your bed
I hear the soft swish as it hits the floor
and smiling I gently join you
upon sheets still fresh with the sun.

I slide against your sleeping form
curling my back against your chest
warm and inviting against the cold
of the wintry night raging outdoors.

Disturbed by my presence you waken
and placing my leg over your knees
I whisper soft into the air,
“Shhh .. it is but me.”

Sighing deep within your chest,
you settle back and softly smile
wrapping your arms around my chest,
I tuck your hand beneath my chin.

I feel your breath against my skin
lifting the hair upon my neck
and together wrapped in moonlight veils
we drift together into the night ..

and I imagine it is so.

© November 2001 Brenda “Rion” Sewell

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