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This page is dedicated to a wonderful group of people..
They are a collection of souls who have no other wiles other than to help one another as friends. They are a Lupus Support Group with the Loving Hearts of Sisters and Brothers, the Courage of the Wolf, and the Strength of the Pack.
May the Spirit of the Wolf keep you safe from harm,
May Peace reign in your life throughout the coming year,
May Joy surround you and keep you happy,
May Happiness keep your heart light and free,
May Love fulfill your life and make your spirit fly.
     Love and light to you all,

In the Spring of 2000, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus after having complained of constant pain for several years. I had been told the pain was sore muscles, or the pain was the after-effects from several surgeries, and I was referred by two doctors to talk to a psychiatrist about the problem. So I did.

I was told by my psychiatrist one of the doctors had written him a letter suggesting I may be an addict looking for pain medications. I realize some people may try that route to obtain drugs, but for a medical doctor to assume I was an addict without properly testing and ruling out any underlying disorders is not only unethical, but criminal as well.

I felt compelled to include the following information on my web site. I hope it helps someone to understand the difficulties of dealing with lupus. Lupus is hard to diagnose and is different with each person; but if you hurt all over and have absolutely no energy, consult a doctor, preferably a rheumatologist as they deal with this type of illness and are better able to diagnose the symptoms.  Blood tests can verify that you have lupus.

Allow no one to tell you .. "It's all in your head".  Find a doctor who will listen to you and persevere until the symptoms are under control.

~ Rion ~

The Full Story

How I Explain Lupus to my Friends .. with Post-It Notes

Definition of Lupus
Common Misconceptions
Concerns for the Newly Diagnosed
 Caring for Yourself and Reducing the Stress

Coping with Lupus

Dealing with Doctors: 
I Am NOT Fine!

Lupus and Depression

Lupus and Emotions

Lupus and Guilt

 Common Secondary Conditions in Lupus:
Fibromyalgia Syndrome; Sjogren's Syndrome;
Raynaud's Phenomenon;
C.R.E.S.T. Phenomenon; 
Systemic Vasculitis;
Menstrual Problems & Menopause;

Conditions of the Eye;
Cognitive Dysfunction
 (Brain Fog);

Lupus Headache;
Central Nervous System Vasculitis
Lupus Myositis
Diagnostic Tests
for Lupus

C-Reactive Protein

ANA Test:
What Does it Mean?

What Do All the Blood Test Results Mean?

Flare Indicators
and Triggers
Lupus, Blood
and All Its Parts

 Lupus and
Cardiopulmonary Disease
Lupus and
Cerebral Aneurysm
Lupus Coagulation

 Lupus and Hemolytic Anemia
Lupus or Hypothyroidism
Lupus Medications
Lupus Nephritis
Lupus and Pain Management
Chart Your Pain
Abdominal Pain
Lupus: Pregnancy, Babies, and Neonatal Lupus
 Lupus, the Sun 
and UV rays

Pulmonary (Lung) Involvement
 Vitamins and Nutritional Management of Lupus
Drug Interactions:
If I Mix This Drug 
with That Drug
How Do I Get Social Security Disability?


Memorial for Those Kind Souls Who Have Lost the Battle with Lupus, but Have Gained Peace

A Letter to be Shared with Friends and Family Can Be Found Here!

"Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet
when our wings have forgotten how to fly!"
Thank you Sarah for the angel.
Searching for  ways to deal with the depression, the frustrations, the questions about lupus, I joined a support group online.  LUPIES has been a wonderful gift.  I have learned more from the information I found on the support web site and from other sufferers of Lupus than I did from my first doctor. The Lupies and I have become great friends and offer each other support and love.
Thank you fellow Lupies!
With a very special thank you to Deanna ..
a great provider of information and owner of the Lupies online group!
May your days be pain free!

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