In Memory

Our condolences and best wishes are extended to the families, friends and associates of the following Lupies members who have passed away. This page is in memory of those who have passed over and for the people who have been left behind to carry on with life.

Everyone in the world, at one time or another, will experience the loss of someone we love. There is no way to avoid the pain completely, but we can find ways to cope, become stronger, and, eventually, to find peace.

Date Deceased
Mary Summers September 27, 2002
Linda Lindsey October 27, 2003
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Loss of a Child .
Dealing with grief is something none of us want to endure. Some people say dealing with grief is a waste of time. Not me! I say ..
"Grief is the proof we have loved and lived."

The tears will come, it is a natural reaction to an unpleasant situation. So just let them come. It is a good cleansing procedure, both mentally and physically.

Tears are nothing to be ashamed of .. just remember ..

"Tears wash the heart and cleanse it of grief ..
allowing all the love you possess to shine forth!"
© 2002 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Set Free

Will you walk beside me, hand in hand, and stand in the sun one last time?
Will you caress my cheek, as you were oft to do, and look into my eyes?
It is time for us to depart, to tarry no more, but please show me that you still care.

Hand in hand, we will slowly walk, under a night sky filled with stars.
Pull me back for one last look, one fleeting caress, one sweet kiss
before you leave me here, standing alone against the world.

Knowing full well our time here on earth is fleeting and short,
let me say I have loved with a passion, sweet and pure.
Give me that at least, before you tear my heart from my soul as you leave.

Let me dream awhile longer, before the harsh reality of life, takes over
and I must walk alone in a world that no longer holds your soul.
Take my hand, softly place a kiss in the palm to keep me forever safe from harm.

Fight hard my friend, try to stay here with me, for I love you greatly still;
but when your will falters, and the pain becomes too great,
I will release you from a long ago promise to never leave
and will bid you a fond, but tearful farewell.

© November 1998 Brenda “Rion” Sewell

Dealing with Death


Mary Summers
EVANS, Ga. - Mary N. Summers, Ph.D, age 61, of Evans,
passed away on Friday, September 27, 2002
Dr. Summers had been a Clinical Psychologist at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Augusta. She was also a victim of Lupus. In her dealings with members of our Lupus Support Group, her kindness was always an inspiration and when someone needed help, she was there to lead them with words of comfort.

Linda Lindsey
passed on October 27, 2003

Linda L will be missed for her participation in "cloud parties".

For those of you who did not know her, Linda was a wonderful woman with a free spirit and a great sense of humor. When she passed away, a bit of our group went with her.

She was tethered to a wheelchair here on earth .. but through "cloud parties" .. she could enjoy a bit of freedom. The whimsical tea parties, on clouds flying high above the pain of Lupus, were an inspiration to many.

Linda .. you are missed.


Loss of a Child

How do you comfort a Mother who has just lost a precious child?
You tell her you are sorry and know it is not enough.

How do you help her mend her shattered dreams?
You hold her hand to give her strength and show her love.

You help direct her strengths and guide her in her time of confusion.
You listen to her talk of her child and do not shy away.

You never tell her, it was God’s will, for she cannot understand that now.
You instead hold her and say, life is full of things we just don’t understand.

And when her tears subside, you hand her a dogwood blossom
with four petals of pink and white and a soft perfume to hold within her hand.

One long petal for strength, to help her make it through the day,
from a dawning morning to night, from darkness into the light.

One petal for peace to restore her broken heart with contentment
and to smooth the edge of her pain to help her learn to live again.

One soft petal holds the memories of spirit from a shining child,
memories left behind, to help time pass, never to disappear.

One petal is for faith in a hereafter where once again
in future time, the two of you shall be together once more.

A blossom meant to comfort,
a blossom of simple beauty as strong as a memory,
a blossom meant to show the strength of an eternal, heavenly love.

© 2003 Brenda “Rion” Sewell

The Legend of the Dogwood

An old and beautiful legend has it that, at the time of the crucifixion, the dogwood was comparable in size to the oak tree and other monarchs of the forest. Because of its firmness and strength it was selected as the timber for the cross, but to be put to such a cruel use greatly distressed the tree.

Sensing this, the crucified Jesus in his gentle pity for the sorrow and suffering of all said to it: "Because of your sorrow and pity for My sufferings, never again will the dogwood tree grow large enough to be used as a gibbet. Henceforth it will be slender, bent and twisted and its blossoms will be in the form of a cross with two long and two short petals. In the center of the outer edge of each petal there will be nail prints -- brown with rust and stained with red -- and in the center of the flower will be a crown of thorns, and all who see this will remember."

For even in His own sadness and pain, Jesus took into his heart the pains of others.

Cloud Parties

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Searching for ways to deal with the depression, the frustrations, the questions about lupus, I joined a support group online.  LUPIES has been a wonderful gift.  I have learned more from the information I found on the site from other sufferers of Lupus than I did from my doctor.

Thank you fellow Lupies!    May your days be pain free!

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