Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Nature Within



Fire in the Sky
Quiet Softness
The Seaside
With Morning Light
Wolf Healings

© 2001 Robert McDonald
Fire in the Sky

Painted in breakers of golden hues
the sky is alight with heavenly fire 
clouded wisps glide across the sky
as though painted there by the hand of creation.

An ocean of turbulent strength
can be felt within the mind's eye
while gazing upon the intensity 
as you stand in awe of the revelation.

Bring on the shroud of midnight sky
swathe the fire in star strewn velvet
attempt to veil the inferno of power
for we have seen the face of the universe. 

© December 2001 Brenda “Rion” Sewell



Fancy the child in us, holding onto the life 
that once held us strong in its grips.
A life full of laughter, no cares and no woes,
a sweet drink of water to quench parched lips.

Seen through the eyes of a virtuous child,
the world is a wondrous place
bright and inquisitive, new and alive
with a freshness that brings a smile to the face.

Innocence walks as the child within us
seeing the world with eyes of candor
purity of heart surrounds the soul
allowing us to see much more.

To learn, to love, to discover how
to search, to ask, to ascertain why
our hearts rule our minds in all that we do
from birth, through life, until we die.

© 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell


Quiet Softness
A stillness surrounds me like a silken cloak, 
wrapping my soul in peace and tranquility.
A passion for life lying dormant and fallow, awakens
and whisperings of excitement bring joy to my heart.

Tormenting thoughts and memories gone bad 
are pushed into the recesses of a fragile mind.
An essence of freshness beguiles the jaded spirit
and once again the eyes look upon life afresh.

Gardens of flowers, dipping their heads in awe of the sun,
freshen the day with the sweet attar of morning.
Irridescent feathers flit amongst dew softened hedges
and butterflies float on the sun warmed breeze.

Holding these wondrous sights tight to my soul,
I cherish the serenity that has found my heart.
The tranquility of nature has entered my life
as I allow myself to drift with the tide of time.

© November 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell


The Seaside

Sparkles of sunshine on the dew moistened windows,
sprinkles of salt spray leaving crystals on the panes,
wind gusting like an energetic, rambunctious youngster,
twisting my hair, pelting my skin with flying sand grains.

Walking the beach in the mid-day sun, scuffing in the sand,
scattered footprints are washed away by the incoming tide. 
Waves erase the marks that have marred the coast of shells,
smoothing the brow of the shore, it is beauty glorified.

Divine will is in this place; peace surrounds me and calms my heart,
troubles are left to fly on the wind, or to drown in the stormy sea.
Divine love is in this place and comforts me with breezes smelling of salt
taking my troubles with a mighty hand, leaving behind tranquility.

© 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell


With Morning Light

Dawn light breaks across shaded landscape
waking to amber meadowlark songs.
Diamond drops of morning dew reflect back the sun
in effervescent rainbows of soft hued light

The scent of the river washes through your hair
kissing you gently, caressing the light in you.
The warmth of the sun across the skin
a breeze and kiss so soft
a healing light within is born
to chase away the night.

Walking hand in hand
dew between our toes
as dragon flies lace ripples over the river.
A cool breeze curls around their souls.. 
sending shivers of  enlightenment
between lovers entwined.

Skipping stones
dance lightly across mirrored souls
sinking slowly into you.
A piece of the earth 
and the power it holds ..
joins the two of us as one.

© 1999 Brenda “Rion” Sewell


© 2001 Robert McDonald
Wolf Healings

As I lie curled up in my bed this evening, trying to will the pain down into something my mind could  handle, I kept thinking of the warm feelings I felt while reading the list mails this morning.

Concentrating on relaxing,  breathing too quickly because of the pain .. my mind began to wander and I soon found myself in a world of soft fur, wet noses, and warm lickings from tongues hanging from jaws of great strength.

Maybe it was the pain coupled with the pain medications, but the journey I took in my mind was more restful to me than any time since my surgery.  My mind took me dream walking to a forest glen of ancient trees, soft fir boughs, and a gentle brook meandering through stands of long flowing grasses.

Tucking pillows around my body to support my back and my legs to alleviate pain points, I began to imagine not inanimate pillows, but live warm bodies covered in rich fur of silver, white, browns, and grays. The soft breeze that touched my cheeks from an overhead fan became the close guarding pantings of sister wolves, keeping harm from my side as I curled with my tail tucked under and my nose against the furry hip of another wolf.

The warmth of the mid-day sun falling across my bed became hot points of healing light sent to me from miles away. The healing light searched for not only the physical pains from the surgery, but the mental pain from past events.

Maybe this pack of sister wolves has been what my mind has been seeking for solace from past wounds. The pain became bearable as I lost myself in these thoughts. I was able to relax and at last to sleep untroubled by pain and content in the knowledge I was no longer fighting this mental battle alone.

The support of many sisters would keep harm from me as I healed.

Thank you my sisters...
We le lu Rionwolf

© July 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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