Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

Poetry About Life


Cherished for All Time
Madame President, Marilyn Krejci
Robert Bess
Music For Life
Sisterly Treasures
Greeting the Dawn
My Son
Messages from God

Cherished for All Time
Shadows of moments, pure and simple,
as shimmering panes of glass
seen in the misty mornings
framed by the silent musical ringing of light.
The gentle radiance of sunrise
in the cool morning mist
reflects points of life,
bringing soft and gentle joy to the day.

Gazing upon the morning, energizing resolve
against silence and sadness,
power and weakness are paired in tandem,
bringing a balance to life.
Harmony is then as a castle built
upon a mountain top of stone
anchored to soundness, anchored to touch,
protected from depravity.

Stone, worn and broken down continuously
through perseverance of nature,
is somehow held intact,
as if by the quiet strength of a mysterious hand;
crystallized thoughts held until needed
to build new memories of love and power,
cherished forever and always ... cherished for all time.

© June 1999 Brenda Sewell and Tod Osborne

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Marilyn Krejci
Dec. 29 - May 23, 1999
In tribute to a dear friend and a great dog trainer ...
Marilyn, I will miss you.
Madame President
Memories keeping company with pictures in your mind,
of all the times together full of laughter and of tears.
The passing of a friend has left us teary eyed and yet
we remember all the good times in all the passing years.

Encouraging others to succeed was Marilyn’s life long goal
she would pat you on the back, or gently hug your neck.
She gave you hints on how to improve,  the skills she knew you had
and woe to those who listened not .. for she gave them holy heck.

Skillfully she worked her dogs, winning trophies .. ribbons and degrees.
As they worked for just her love, her dogs would watch her faithfully.
For although strict in discipline with a no nonsense attitude,
she tempered it with love and care giving of them generously.

A mentor for many handlers, she gave advice and gave us love
She would cheer us on and cry with us when life was just not fair,
for that she will be remembered .. she gave us all that she could give.
Forever now, she'll train with Steve in dog shows under God's sweet care.

© May 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Robert Bess
My grandfather
In a field of savory sweet grasses,
fat cattle called to their calves,
while chickens roamed and pecked in the dirt
‘round the feed trough of rough hewn boards.

Pale fragrant blossoms run on the vine
that travels the old wooden fence.
The posts are made of trunks of trees
and the rails are the branches he cut down.

He stands with his boot against the rail
and fanned himself with a worn straw hat
for the heat of the day brought glistening drops
of honest sweat to his weathered brow.

Rough and rugged, the man stood still
and surveyed what he had sown ..
smiling to the girl who stood close by his side,
he quietly murmured, “All this is God's own.”

© May 1999 Brenda Rion" Sewell

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Music for Life
Music flows through the air .. calling to the artist deep inside.
Unusual rhythms toss about in my mind .. blending, playing ..
sending shivers of emotions up and down my spine as
iridescent colors shoot through the realm of my life.

Cold acid memories from a not so distant past slide forth.
Forgotten .. hidden .. until the mind decides to let the thoughts escape
or until the music of life entices the thoughts from the corners of the mind;
remnants of past hurts and desires joining the silken images of today.

Longing for an explanation to help the mind understand my horrific past,
indelible marks that cannot be erased, marks caused by uncaring souls.
Final outcome, yet to be determined, healing or losing control of what is left
easing myself into an oblivion or taking a healing step towards life.

© 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Whispering, the wind sidles through the rustling leaves
telling secrets it heard from the trees ‘cross the field.
Tales of new life amongst leafy branches and limbs
and death on the forest floor beneath their bows.

Sunlight cascades to the leave strewn floor
and warms the evening air in the early morn.
Spider webs of diamond points stretch between the grasses
and glitter with the misty dew from the cool night air.

Quiet night slowly gives way to the cooing of mourning doves
calling to their mate in the glen to join in the quest for love.
Standing still in the morning air, the girl greets the rising sun
and bids farewell to her sister moon as dawn overtakes the night.

© 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Artwork by Garret Moore


He caught a mote of dust
and held it in His hand.
Seeing something great within,
He made our earth so grand.

Forming hills and mountains tall
and oceans great and wide,
a gentle touch of His pure breath
and life began to stride.

Now man abounds upon this mote,
birds and fish and other life,
and all because one day He said
Now ... Let there be life !

© 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Greeting the Dawn
The warmth of the day
takes on the coolness of the night,
drying the diamond drops of dew
and chases the moon across the sky.

Morning songs of birds on the wing
greet the sun as he rises in the east.
Cat tails dip into the water and
wash their faces clean of night time dreams.

Softly she walks on the velvet grass
to the water's edge, small waves lapping
a gentle rhythm against the shore ...
inviting her to join the dance.

With one quick movement the silken gown
puddles on the grass around her feet
raising her hands to the sky above
she sings and greets the dawn with love.

© 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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My Son

My son came home today
older, wiser ...
so grown up.

The army made a man of him
hard, muscled,
toned and tan.

My son came home today
with boxes, bags
a full car load.

My son came home today
home to stay,
released and free.

My son came home today
no more marches,
or canon fire.

My son came home today
changed, on edge,
so energized.

My son came home today
not the same,
so different.

Did my son come home today?

© January 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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I stand at the crossroads and calmly wait
for my heart to decide where to go
down the easy path that is free of strife,
or the one that is harried with woe.

For sometimes the path that is easy
is the one that is wrong for you.
Life has a habit of making a game
of the lessons it puts us through.

We must play by the rules life has dealt us,
no matter how they make us feel,
for sometimes the things that we feel are the worst
are the stepping stones that help us to heal.

© 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Fancy the child in us, holding onto the life
that once held us strong in its grips.
A life full of laughter, no cares and no woes
a sweet drink of water to quench parched lips.

Seen through the eyes of a virtuous child,
the world is a wondrous place
bright and inquisitive, new and alive
a freshness that brings a smile to the face.

Innocence walks as the child within us
seeing the world with eyes of candor;
purity of heart surrounds the soul
allowing us to see much more.

To learn, to love, to discover how
to search, to ask, to ascertain why
our hearts rule our minds in all that we do
from birth, through life, until we die.

© 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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Dedicated to Leon and Phil ... who helped me to discover my own secret garden.
In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives,
we sometimes forget to pause
to hesitate .. to rest .. for just one small moment in time
to reflect upon the delights and the abundance
of riches the world has to offer.

Peace, that surpasses all understanding, is ours to embrace.
We need but hesitate, to allow our minds the opportunity,
to welcome the serenity
to grasp the peace that is offered to us
and to hold it dear to our hearts.

Life's secrets will be revealed to us
if we open our minds to the answers.
Relax .. find the secret garden that is hidden deep
within the corners of your mind.
Walk through the garden gate, sit upon the bench,
and heed the messages that you find.

Gaze upon a flower .. a rose .. feel the softness of the pollen
as it clings to your skin.
Admire the color from the light to the dark
touch the intricate wrinkles on the surface
Breathe in the sweet smell
and remember the fragrance as it lingers on your fingertips.

Turn your face to the sky and feel the coolness
of the breeze as it brushes your skin.
Like mother nature's feather duster .. the breeze tickles ..
touching softly as it passes;
raising the hairs on your arms, as it circles
and envelopes your body like a cloak.

When your heart is filled with the peace you have found
and your soul is at rest;
then continue your journey
pursue your goals .. fulfill your dreams ..
with an enlightened soul and a brighter outlook
for all the tomorrows of your life.

© May 1998 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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PARTNERS IN JOY               by Robert Sexton

Sisterly Treasures

A sister is a precious jewel .. to be held ..
and treasured as a rarity of gifts.
She is held close to your heart
and tucked away in a safe corner of your mind.

As life goes on and time passes,
we find that friends duck in and out of our lives
like wind blown leaves flitting across the yard.

Sisters are forever
and no matter how you get your sister,
through natural birth or as a chosen child ..
or a happenstance in life
that brings you closer than friendship ..
you receive the gift with pleasure ..
and hold her close to your heart ..
for you don't throw treasures away!

© April 1999 Brenda "Rion" Sewell

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