Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart are a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell

The Secret Garden Within
Within each of us, there is a garden ..
we must decide whether to grow flowers,
or to allow weeds to overtake our being.

Inside the Garden
Inside each of us there is a secret garden. Each of us in our own way use different methods of cultivating that garden. Some people write poetry to soothe the soul, some are artists using paints and clay to fashion a work of calmness, and some write music bringing lightness and peace to the heart.

Painting pictures with words, allowing senses to flow outward into the night to catch and save emotions flying on the breeze, being the tool to bring peace to a troubled heart is a gift given to some by the Creator. Words can create a landscape within our minds if we but open ourselves to the scene painted with text and feeling.

Some people have been given the gift of being able to take a lump of wet clay, and with a few deft strokes, fashion the face of a child in awe of life. Sculptures and paintings, whether they be of still-life subjects or of live elements of nature, can bring our emotions into a realm where we can physically touch them. By touching, we involve our whole body .. the tactile, the analytical as well as the spiritual sides of our being.

Others write music that touches our inner spirit to either calm or energize our life. Their music is a link to a communication between people and their own spirit. It helps us understand and discover secrets hidden deep within our minds and hearts, when words are not enough. Music can also be a guide to finding our own beginnings, and to help us put names to our emotional landscapes.

Landscapes of emotion, landscapes of pure energy, brought to the forefront of our being can topple us and make us weak if we allow our mind to travel these lands unguarded by sensibility. As we travel these realms within ourselves, we can allow ourselves to be caught up in the episodes of our past that tear the life from our soul. Or, we can take control of our lives and control the thoughts threatening our sanity.

We can control our lives by being conscientious caretakers for those secret gardens hidden within our minds. By keeping control of the weeds of damaging thoughts and allowing the seeds of contentment and love to grow behind the walls of the garden, we can be gratified in the knowledge that we have tried our best to find the tranquility and serenity granted those who use love as the mainstay in their gardens.

© April 2000 Brenda "Rion" Sewell



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