Rion's Reflections
These Words from the Heart are part of a
Collection of Life Thoughts and Healing Words
by Brenda "Rion" Sewell


Spirit Song

She stood quietly beneath the night sky, her arms crossed in front of her breasts, holding together the last vestiges of her sanity. Walking slowly, she left the quiet loneliness and static calm of a house that had become a prison. She was being held captive not by another person, but by the infirmities of her own body.

Illness and disease had ravaged the muscles and mind of the woman. The constant pain was taking a toll on her health and leaving her mind in a constant state of near insanity. As she walked in the dark of the night, her eyes slowly became more aware of her surroundings. Her skin became aware of the cool night air and her ears caught the subtle sounds of the night.

The sound of buzzing insects, the soft whispering of leaves, and the crunching sound of the grass beneath her feet joined the sounds of her labored breathing. Stopping periodically to catch her breath, she walked further and further away from her home.

Walking under the streetlights, she was soon entering the neighborhood park near her home. The waves lapping at the edge of the lake seemed to be whispering to the grass that swayed at the shoreline. 

Sitting on a park bench near the edge of the lake, she gazed out over the water. The globed lamps lining the sidewalk around the lake lit the area with soft luminescence. The golden light reflected in shimmering waves, riding upon the water under the dark velvet sky. As she sat, her body began to relax, but her mind continued to swirl with thoughts and soft tears began to slide down her cheeks.

She was so tired of dealing with her life of pain and misunderstandings. Her illnesses kept her isolated from the lifestyle she had followed for most of her adult life. No longer able to physically function with the ease she once knew, a depression had settled over her and she felt as if she were drowning. 

Her family and friends, not understanding the constant pain that plagued her life, began to ignore her pleas for help and to hint she was using her illness as a way to get out of life’s daily responsibilities.

She felt her life slipping away as numbness began to overtake her mind and spirit. No longer caring if she dressed or ate, she knew in her mind she needed help to dispel the depression. Physically, she was running on empty and some days even the act of getting out of bed was so painful she hated to move.

Thoughts of how to end the pain touched her mind as she sat in the quiet dark by the lake, her eyes closed to the world. Then she realized she heard someone singing. The notes were soft and melodious and touched a deep part of her soul. Opening her eyes, she searched for the person who graced her with such beautiful music. 

Standing some yards away from her, a young man stood under a tree at the edge of the lake. The limbs of the willow surrounded him as if he stood in a natural cathedral. Drawn to the sound of his voice, she walked nearer to the young man until she was standing quietly a few feet behind him.

She closed her eyes and allowed his music to glide over her and enter her every pore. The soft tones filled her with a quiet joy and pushed aside the depression threatening to overtake her mind. The notes played her soul as a harp, stroking her pain away, and dropping a veil of comfort over her spirit. 

She smiled softly as the notes brought a long forgotten tranquility to her spirit. At peace, they stood beside the lake, he singing his notes of joy and she allowing the music to cleanse her mind and spirit of harsh thoughts.

After a time, she realized he had stopped singing. Opening her eyes, she saw he was no longer standing beneath the tree, but was directly in front of her. She felt no fear when he reached out to her.

Smiling he touched her cheek and, in a voice warm and full of strength, told her, “Fear not, for you are not alone. You will be given the strength you need to overcome any obstacle. All you need to do is ask.” With those words, he turned and walked away, disappearing into the night. 

Unable to speak, she watched him leave. As he slowly disappeared from her sight, she realized her cheek was warm and tingled where he had stroked her skin. The soft scent of flowers lingered on after he had left. A peace had descended upon her and she thought to herself, “I did ask. I asked for peace and I received it in a song.”

As she walked back to her home, her thoughts became clearer and her pain lessened. She had received a blessing from a stranger and felt joy in her heart for the first time in ages. Turning her face to the sky, she smiled and murmured a quiet thank you to the universe for the peace she now cradled in her heart.

© January 2002 Brenda “Rion” Sewell

May you be blessed with Brighter Days!

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